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Delta College Password Guidelines

- Passwords (except Boot passwords) will expire every 122 days. However, users can change their password by using the Signup website ( as often as they would like.
 Please wait up to 5 minutes for all passwords to get updated.

- If a password is not changed within the 14 day grace period, the user will then be required to use the Signup website to reset their password before access to the account will be granted.

- The length of a password must be between 8 and 32 characters.

- No more than three sequential characters from the old password can be used in the new password
 (i.e. if the old password was "PassWord1234", the new password cannot contain "Pass", "Word" or "1234").

- The password must consist of characters from at least two different character types.

There are four character types:
Lower case letters(abcde…..)
Upper case letters (ABCDE…)
Numbers (12345….)
Symbols (!@#$......)

- The password may not contain more than four sequential characters of the login ID.

- The password cannot contain any sequences or repetitions of more than two characters (abc, 123, aaa, 111).

- The password cannot contain any of the following symbols ('&-[]\",.<>?+).

If you did not provide a social security number on your application for admission, you have been assigned an alternate number.
You may present photo ID on campus and be provided that number. If you would prefer to provide a social security number you may call Admissions at 989-686-9093

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